Well hello there, my name is Ali Koehler. I was born August 4th, 1986 in Toms River, NJ,
which makes me a Leo and a native of the best state in the US. 

 Upon graduating with an incredibly useful degree in German Language and Literature
from Rutgers University in 2008, I joined punk band, Vivian Girls.
I toured and drummed with Vivian Girls and then Best Coast
(when I relocated from NJ to LA) from 2008-2011.

I spent 2012 scooping ice cream, nannying, writing songs, making friends, and
patronizing comedy shows all over Los Angeles with my boyfriend, Eloy. 

I left the drums behind to start up my own band in 2013 with Patty Schemel on drums. We are named Upset, and released our debut album,
"She's Gone" on Don Giovanni Records in October 2013.

Music is my first love, but fashion is a close second. In high school I wanted so badly to be nominated best dressed in the senior superlatives, but apparently homemade Le Tigre t-shirts and thrifted old lady sweaters on a geeky punk teenager wasn't what the school yearbook was looking for.

Through social media, I discovered the world of fashion blogging, and the (dangerous) hobby that is nocturnal online shopping. I love clothes and make up and music and comedy, and I love sharing that love with all of you. This blog is sort of a digital fanzine.

Let's be friends and make cool stuff happen.

P.S. Her Name Is Ali comes from Bratmobile's song "Her Name Is Panik." 
As a proud feminist with generalized anxiety disorder, the name seemed like a good fit.

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  1. I saw the title of your blog and immediately had "her name is Panik" stuck in my head!

    I think I'm going to love your blog a lot, I've just added you to my bloglovin' feed!!