Monday, 17 April 2017

can you deal?

About a month ago my friend Christian and Jennifer Clavin (of the bands Bleached and Mika Miko) reached out to see if I'd want to submit to the zine they were putting together. It focused on women's experience in music and it was called "Can You Deal?"

I thought about it. In light of the new America, complaining about playing music as a straight, cis, white woman felt trivial.
I went back and forth about how I felt about contributing to the zine, and decided ultimately it was for a good cause (all proceeds went to Planned Parenthood), and it was a pretty big platform. Jennifer and Christian got some high profile musicians to contribute (Hayley Williams, Tegan Quin, Liz Phair, JD Samson, etc.) If even one person read what I had to say and it helped them in anyway, that's worth it. That idea of just one person getting something out of what I put into the universe is motivation enough. 
So I wrote. And you can read it here: Can You Deal?

photo by Samuel Ware

Jennifer and Christian organized a show at the Echoplex for the zine's release. Side Eyes opened the show, followed by my band Upset, the Regrettes, and Bleached.

I changed my outfit like, 10 times before landing on this one...

photo by Eduardo Luis 

photo by Eduardo Luis 

photo by Eduardo Luis 

photo by Eduardo Luis 

photo by Andrew Gomez

photo by Andrew Gomez

photo by Samuel Ware

I actually really like the new Bleached song the zine was named for.
Here's the music video for Can You Deal:


I did some spring cleaning a.k.a. got tired of looking at my closet and decided to do a major purge. I own so many pieces of clothing that don't fit, aren't my style anymore, or I just never feel like wearing. Out with them! So I started listing everything I'm willing to part with on my new Depop shop (check it out here). There's also a link up above to the right ^

I have been drawn to a couple simpler looks lately and want to start rebuilding my closet with some new staples. I started by finally getting the Kristen dress I've been eyeing from Hello Holiday. Hello Holiday is an awesome online store and brick and mortar in Omaha run by a couple of lovely ladies.
You should really check them out.

This photo Sarah posted on Facebook is what sparked my fixation on this dress..

It has pockets. POCKETS! God, I love dresses with pockets.

springtime fresh

 As I clear out my closet, I'm going to eventually add a pair of hikers 
and some loose tops to go with my Uniqlo leggings pants. 
My preferred lipstick of the moment is Mac - Darling Clementine and my favorite nail polish right now is Odeme - Cuba Libre (pictured).  I also plan on nabbing a pair of the matte avocado & tortoise shell Crap sunglasses I've had my eyes on. I'm obsessed with the shape of their Wild Gift glasses. 
Plus, it doesn't hurt that the style is named after an X song.

beret bikers

Basically, all I feel like wearing at the moment is black, red, turtlenecks, berets, boots, and leather jackets.



But realistically, probably more like...

The other day, I put this look together from my closet. My mom said it was very Audrey Hepburn.
As someone who has always felt big and clumsy, I've never related to her waifish elegance.

the audrey

the audrey by alexandria-koehler featuring a cat crop top

I guess this is growing up.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

tuesday bassen staples, elevated

Tuesday Bassen's best-selling classics are back and better than ever! With new and improved fits and materials, bombers and hoodies just got a serious upgrade.

Last week I went out to the desert with my boss and pal, Tuesday Bassen.
We hit up the superbloom on our way out to Desert X.

photo by Jillian Newman

glasses: crap eyewear, bomber: tuesday bassen

bomber: tuesday bassen, sunglasses: crap eyewear
photo by Jillian Newman

bomber: tuesday bassen
photo by Jillian Newman

young angry women tee by Tuesday Bassen
photo by Jillian Newman

photo by Jillian Newman

sunglasses: crap eyewear, hoodie: tuesday bassen

 photo by Jillian Newman