Wednesday, 23 April 2014

lazy oaf x garfield

In a matter of minutes, this collection will go live. I picked out some of my favorite pieces from the lookbook. Also, you guys should be following Lazy Oaf's Vimeo presence if you aren't already.
I mean, just look at this announcement..

If I don't snag a pair of those Garfield socks, there will be blood.


I own jellies for the first time in like, 20 years. My memories of jellies were that they looked cool, smelled weird, and felt TERRIBLE. I recall gnarly jellies-induced blisters sticking to sweaty summer bedsheets. I now realize my crucial error back then was not wearing socks with my jellies. Twenty years of unnecessary jellie scorn have finally been laid to rest, because this week I got my first pair of adult jellies. I went with the neon orange glitter. They are so cute, comfy, and versatile (and meant to be worn with socks.)


evening video: The Lemonheads on Jenny Jones 1996

Yea. This happened.

morning video: The Lemonheads - Alison's Starting to Happen Glastonbury 1994

Alison's growing a mohawk.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

video killed the radio star : DOUBLE FEATURE : the get up kids/the promise ring

After seeing The Get Up Kids this weekend, I am on a nostalgic emo kick. I remember being very influenced by the way 90s/00s emo bands dressed, and to be honest I still love this look. 
I made some style boards based on my two favorite music videos from the era.

The Get Up Kids - Action & Action

action & action

In high school I was all about chain wallets, studded belts, brown pants, dirty chucks, 
old band shirts and baseball tees.

The Promise Ring - Why Did We Ever Meet?

why did we ever meet

why did we ever meet by alexandria-koehler featuring slip resistant shoes

High school is when I started wearing glasses full time. It's also when I got heavily into anything
Dickies brand, mary janes, ringer tees, corduroys, and striped sweaters.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

upset goes to middle of the map fest 2014

I got to Kansas City for Ink's Middle of the Map Fest early so that I could see The Get Up Kids, so I had 2 days of solitude in the midwest. I kind of loved it. Being in a band, you spend so much time as part of a group. There's something to be said for only doing what you want when you want.

At the end of trips I like to go back and recount my favorite moments while they're still fresh. My family and I have always done this after vacations. I think it helps to give your memories some structure, so you truly don't forget the great time you had.

midwest thrifting finds

I got back into thrift stores recently. For a while I was burnt out on all the searching with little reward (as well as the brutal prices in LA) but man, when you find something good nothing beats that feeling of triumph. With my free time in Kansas City I hit up every thrift store I could find and photographed some of the cool stuff I did and didn't buy.

I can't even express how disappointed I am in myself for not buying this puzzle.

middle of the map fest 2014 outfit options

Whenever I travel, I like to bring a lot of clothing options. What I think I want to wear one day, I decide I hate how it looks the next. I had a night to myself in a hotel room and decided to look at everything I brought with me and make some outfits with what I had. As a kid I used to do this with my new school clothes every summer, and here I am at 27 up to the same old shit.

product review: Revlon Candy Vibes nail appliques

While in Kansas City, I stopped in a Walgreen's for some Advil.
What I spotted was something that spoke directly to my soul; candy-inspired designs on nail wraps.