Sunday, 6 April 2014

upset goes to middle of the map fest 2014

I got to Kansas City for Ink's Middle of the Map Fest early so that I could see The Get Up Kids, so I had 2 days of solitude in the midwest. I kind of loved it. Being in a band, you spend so much time as part of a group. There's something to be said for only doing what you want when you want.

At the end of trips I like to go back and recount my favorite moments while they're still fresh. My family and I have always done this after vacations. I think it helps to give your memories some structure, so you truly don't forget the great time you had.

Thursday April 3rd
The Get Up Kids were scheduled to play Friday night, but the only flight that would get me to Kansas City in time left LA early Thursday morning. I rented a car upon arriving in KC at 2pm. I decided I was going to spend my down time power thrifting in Missouri. I stopped at every store I saw between the airport and downtown. I yelped a lunch spot, Longboards, and headed downtown. There were some super cute vintage stores to browse around, but they were all just about ready to close for the day. I got some coffee and some nail wraps (which I reviewed here.) At this point the 3 hours of sleep started to hit me, so I found a deal on Hotwire and checked into a room. I did the dirty laundry I had packed with the hopes of finding a washer/dryer, printed out the paperwork we need for Australian and New Zealand visas, photographed some outfit ideas, listened to music, did my nails, and slept in a king size bed all to myself.

Friday April 4th
After the best night sleep I've gotten in a while, I woke up and continued the solo adventure. I yelped a juice/coffee place and wound up at Filling Station. I then proceeded to drive around the suburbs, listening to Taylor Swift and and hitting up every Goodwill and vintage dress shop I saw. Hello to the girl who recognized me in Donna's Dress Shop! I stopped at ABC Cafe for a dim sum lunch and headed to the venue to pick up our artist credentials. Jim Suptic and James Dewees of The Get Up Kids were at the bar there, but I was too scared to introduce myself. Fortunately my buddy Sean showed up and as it turns out he is a good friend of theirs. Sean introduced us and apparently Jim is a fan of Upset. I told him I flew in early to see TGUK and Jim told me Upset was one of the bands he was most excited to see at MOTM. I spent the rest of the night with them. I met the rest of the band and tried my best to entertain their children backstage. When it was time for The Get Up Kids to play, I got a spot up front, but James saw me and motioned for me to come sit near him onstage. He told me to help myself to his whiskey if I got cold. I could see my breath as I screamed every word and air drummed to every song. It was perfect.

Saturday April 5th
Patty and Rachel had landed at 1 am and took a cab to our hotel. I woke up next to Rachel with a hangover and just enough time to get Jenn from the airport. After we got her we all went to Cafe Gratitude for brunch and then went back to the hotel for naps and an unplugged practice. We played a solid set. Jim and James were there like they said they would be. When we got to the venue Jim held the door open for us as we loaded in and asked what time we played. I asked him if he was staying and he said "Yes, of course. I told you I love the album." For some reason I couldn't believe he was actually a fan until I saw him in the middle of the crowd watching our set. After we played they congratulated us and complimented us and 15 year old Ali was dying inside. We went out to dinner, had too many drinks, bought cigars and wandered around the festival. We tried to kill time between 7:30 and midnight, which is when Reggie and the Full Effect were supposed to play. We just barely made it. Jim fell asleep at the merch table. We caught some of the set, but decided we were all too tired to stick it out til the end, so Jim and his friend Jon drove me back to my hotel.

Sunday April 6th
Really Saturday and Sunday just feel like one day, considering I slept for about an hour before we had to head to the airport. After a perfect weekend, I realized I had left my credit card somewhere once I was already at the airport. Oh well. I had Eloy PayPal me some money so I could eat (thank you xo), and reflected on the insane weekend I had just had. I went to Kansas City early just so I could see a band I've loved for the last 12 years, and I wound up making friends with them and spending the majority of my weekend with them. They like music I make and they think I'm cool. In reality, the only reason I write songs and sing the way I do is because I pored over their influences and interests like they were the punk older brothers I didn't have. It was hard not to continuously express how important they all were in shaping the adult I came to be. I said enough to them to feel satisfied, but hopefully not so much that I sounded like a crazed fan. Jim suggested Upset play with the Get Up Kids. I hope one day that becomes a reality, but even if it doesn't, this weekend was enough. Music brings so many gifts in so many ways. I'm feeling incredibly grateful lately.

I went with Rob and Sean to this guy's surf/skate shop. I skated around the store and tried on these sunglasses. The owner told me to take them, so I did. Rob tried them on as well.

 Alone no more! Rachel, Patty, and Jenn all arrive on Saturday.

Cuteness at Cafe Gratitude

 we are UPSET @ Cafe Gratitude KC

 Upset at the Riot Room in Kansas City

 dinner with Jon, Jim, Jenn, and Alicia


 If you fall asleep at the merch table, you will be decorated with RATFE shirts

Reggie and the Full Effect

Back to work tomorrow. Until next time Kansas City.

- xo Ali

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