Tuesday, 8 April 2014

video killed the radio star : DOUBLE FEATURE : the get up kids/the promise ring

After seeing The Get Up Kids this weekend, I am on a nostalgic emo kick. I remember being very influenced by the way 90s/00s emo bands dressed, and to be honest I still love this look. 
I made some style boards based on my two favorite music videos from the era.

The Get Up Kids - Action & Action

action & action

In high school I was all about chain wallets, studded belts, brown pants, dirty chucks, 
old band shirts and baseball tees.

The Promise Ring - Why Did We Ever Meet?

why did we ever meet

why did we ever meet by alexandria-koehler featuring slip resistant shoes

High school is when I started wearing glasses full time. It's also when I got heavily into anything
Dickies brand, mary janes, ringer tees, corduroys, and striped sweaters.

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