Saturday, 31 January 2015




eloy's january 2015 mix

My boyfriend is an excellent mix maker. We exchanged many a cassette and mix CD when we first started dating. Seven years later, we live together and share a car, so the exchange of music has turned into sharing new music and songs with each other in real time. I seldom bring anything to the table that Eloy hasn't already heard, and it's kinda made me lazy in seeking out new bands to listen to cause he is always three steps ahead. Every month Eloy will make a new mix to listen to in our car, and they are too good to keep to ourselves, so I'm going to start sharing them here.

Eloy's January 2015 Mix

Friday, 30 January 2015

upset merch, tape and tour: pt. 1

Upset has big plans for 2015, and the details are still being ironed out, BUT I do have some limited homemade Upset merch available in my etsy store right now. I mean like LIMITED. These patches and pins will also be available at our sold out Glass House shows with Joyce Manor and the Garden on February 13th and 14th.

We are recording 6 new songs on Feb. 8th with Todd C. of Recess Records and we will be releasing them on a tape sometime in March/April (you will also be able to get the tracks online.) You can hear some of the new songs in our stripped down set for Pitchfork Radio.

The theme for merch and art around these new songs is teamwork. This means girls in uniform a la Girl Scouts and Olympic Gymnastics teams. We've also been into the 70s athletic aesthetic. Here is a sneak peek at the inspiration and designs we have been kicking around.



froyo-yo diet

I've been following a fitness plan the past month, but last night I splurged and went to Big Wang's with friends and then got froyo from Frog, which might be my new fav froyo place. It is so aesthetically pleasing and the flavors/toppings are top notch. I got Ghirardelli chocolate, vanilla, and yellow cupcake batter yogurt with chopped Reese's peanut butter cups, cinnamon toast crunch, hot caramel, and cookie dough on top. I have a sugar hangover today.


Snoop-Princess Peach-Princess Faye


stila pastel liner

The other day I walked into Sephora and managed not to spend 100 dollars.

I had been talking about getting a pastel or neon eyeliner for a little while now, and I finally broke down and bought one after trying it on in the store. I went with Stila - Mint Julep and it is PERFECT. I plan on collecting Canary, Turquoise, Alpine, and Periwinkle as soon as money permits.

I usually swear by Makeup Forever Aqua Liner, but the Stila Waterproof Smudge Stick stays on just as long.

Worth the $20 for SURE.

Oh! And I went golden blonde. Bye bye bleach.

(gas pump selfie : / )

Saturday, 17 January 2015

happy anniversary

Wow, you guys. For one: I havent blogged since late November. And two: IT'S BEEN A YEAR SINCE I STARTED THIS HERE BLOG! (insert confetti emojis.)

A year later and I still don't really know what purpose this blog serves or where to even go with it, but amongst the countless new year's resolutions I am attempting to take on (get fit, get outta debt, illustrate a book, put out two Upset releases, make music videos for our songs, and do a full US tour) I also want to add "blog more" to that list. And what better time to blog than after I've had two xanax, and some weed to help me go to sleep?

I swear any time I take something to sleep, I wind up wanting to cram a lot of shit in before the medication wins. So since a month and a half has lapsed between my last post and now, I will just give you a cliff notes synopsis.

borderline crippling depression, first visit to see my family in Florida, and an attempt to get my shit together upon returning back to my home, LA, in my wonderful little Swiss Family Robinson-esque treehouse, in which Eloy and I have started having monthly intimate quiet music/comedy shows. I think that should sum up the following photos. That, my dayjob as a nanny/homeschool teacher, and my vanity.

Soundtrack to this post: Somos as per Alithea's suggestion.