Saturday, 17 January 2015

happy anniversary

Wow, you guys. For one: I havent blogged since late November. And two: IT'S BEEN A YEAR SINCE I STARTED THIS HERE BLOG! (insert confetti emojis.)

A year later and I still don't really know what purpose this blog serves or where to even go with it, but amongst the countless new year's resolutions I am attempting to take on (get fit, get outta debt, illustrate a book, put out two Upset releases, make music videos for our songs, and do a full US tour) I also want to add "blog more" to that list. And what better time to blog than after I've had two xanax, and some weed to help me go to sleep?

I swear any time I take something to sleep, I wind up wanting to cram a lot of shit in before the medication wins. So since a month and a half has lapsed between my last post and now, I will just give you a cliff notes synopsis.

borderline crippling depression, first visit to see my family in Florida, and an attempt to get my shit together upon returning back to my home, LA, in my wonderful little Swiss Family Robinson-esque treehouse, in which Eloy and I have started having monthly intimate quiet music/comedy shows. I think that should sum up the following photos. That, my dayjob as a nanny/homeschool teacher, and my vanity.

Soundtrack to this post: Somos as per Alithea's suggestion.

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