Monday, 5 September 2016

no chance romance

lazy oaf autumn 16

Not much to say, this stuff is just pastel and cute as hell. 
Like a casual, urban Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette.

marie antoinette

neverland adventure

Recently, Baby Gap put out a small line of clothes inspired 
by Peter Pan called Neverland Adventure.

peter pan

Peter Pan just so happens to be one of my top 3 Disney movies, (alongside Mary Poppins and Sleeping Beauty.) Peter Pan's Flight is one of my must-rides at Disneyland. I had a nightgown as a kid I referred to as my Wendy PJs, and loved speaking in a terrible English accent and saying, "Wendy Moira Angela Darling." Basically, I love everything about the story.

In a few days I'm headed to the east coast to play a couple shows and record, but first I'm going to North Carolina to see my cousin Heather, Guy, and little Archer. I've requested we watch Peter Pan together for Archer's first viewing. Obviously I can't do this without making it ceremonious and over the top, so I had to get him one of the Neverland onesies. What I REALLY wanted was the Lost Boys Treehouse onesie, but it sold out too quickly, so I went with the Pan's ship 'Adventure Awaits' one.

I can't wait to dress him up and snuggle him and sing all the songs and look at all the beautiful art in the Disney version of the story. 
Oh, I also got the Peter Pan Little Golden Book to read to him.
Eeeee I can't wait!

vintage forest

Tatty Devine has done it again! The new contemporary line for Autumn/Winter 2016 features sewing and textile motifs as well as owls, hedgehogs, and my personal favorite - vintage forest..

I made a style board inspired by this piece. I think I just might have to spring for it.

vintage forest

In addition to all this autumnal goodness, they put out an absurdly genius pair of necklaces...

wine and cheese party