Wednesday, 26 August 2015

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heather's wedding

ali at heathers wedding

cousin heather gets married

Last weekend I surprised my sistercousin, Heather, when I showed up 
at her new home in North Carolina the day before her wedding.

I refer to Heather as my sistercousin because we are very close; in age, in experience, in interests, in spirit. We were born 5 days apart in the summer of 1986, and basically spent every summer of our childhood together.

Heather and I, in utero

Heather moved to San Francisco for school when we were eighteen, and I stayed in New Jersey for college, but I got to see her with more frequency when my bands started touring through the bay area. Eventually I met Eloy and moved to Los Angeles, and she would drive down to spend weekends on our couch. My fondest memories in LA involve Heather. But last year, Heather moved back to North Carolina, which is the second time I lost my cousin to that state. She and her family had moved there from New Jersey in fourth grade. It was tough, but we still saw her on our Easter trips to the Outer Banks, and she would come back to spend the summer in New Jersey with my family every year.

 cutting a deal

pack n play days

Heather went back to North Carolina in search of family and stability. She found that in her partner, Guy Sholar. They were schoolmates who both left their home state, and ultimately came back to find each other in adulthood. I've never seen someone who makes my cousin so whole and at ease. 
It's really magical to watch the two of them.

Heather told me from day one she would marry Guy, so when she told me they were engaged and expecting their first child, I wasn't at all surprised. They set a date - August 15th, 2015 - and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it. I didn't have the extra money to spend, and I had already planned on going to see her in October. I told her I couldn't make the wedding, but it was ok, because I'd be there soon enough. Heather enlisted my father to be the officiant at her wedding. She confided in him that while she was excited about her upcoming nuptials, it just didn't feel right knowing I wouldn't be there. So my dad privately offered to fly me out as a surprise for Heather. We coordinated it just right, so that my mom wouldn't know either and I would show up a day before the wedding to surprise them both. This also happened to be the same day Heather and Guy would find out the sex of the baby, so it was an already emotional day for everyone, full of happy tears. 
My arrival was no exception.

Guy and I have exchanged messages and texts, and bonded over our mutual love of Heather, but throughout the year or so of them dating, I never met him in person. This surprise visit was the first time I got to meet the love of my cousin's life. He knew I was coming, and made sure Heather was on the porch when I pulled in the driveway. She squinted to see who was pulling up, and instantly burst into tears when she recognized my blonde, bespectacled head. We hugged and laughed and cried. It had been over a year since we last saw each other. (I've since vowed never to go that long without seeing my cousin again, no matter how much budgeting I have to do.) We went to surprise my napping mom together and hugged and cried some more.

I'll spare you more sentimental details and dive into the pictures (with minimal storytelling)...

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

we're engaged!

Remember when I said Eloy was taking me to Palm Springs for my birthday cause he's cute and cool?
Well, he also proposed to me in Palm Springs.

Friday, 7 August 2015

burger sweater blues

I can't FUCKING believe this VERY crucial sweater is sold out in my size on ASOS.

I haven't been this sad about an article of clothing since I missed the boat on the Lazy Oaf cosmos dress..

Thursday, 6 August 2015

doc martens + buried diamond

Ever since I got my Elphie docs, I've worn them almost daily. It's actually sorta ridiculous. I think at some point I should give my feet/shoes a break and find another similar pair of Doc Martens.
I've been browsing around similar styles, and these two are major contenders.



Recently, I got to wear a bunch of Buried Diamond jewelry for a top secret project
and it's killing me not to post photos, but I think these are allowed.

 I started obsessively looking at the Buried Diamond instagram and was so excited to learn she'd be doing a restock soon! I set an alarm and was totally ready to get some Buried Diamond for my own.

Well, I failed to follow the FAQs suggestion of using a computer, not a phone, and I totally watched everything sell out in an instant without being able to snag ANYTHING. Such a drag.
Next time there's a restock, you better BELIEVE I'm getting SOMETHING.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

twenty nine years old

I turned 29 yesterday. I had a bunch of birthday wishes (buy myself mustard yellow rug from ikea, hold a baby, eat funfetti, have friends over, steal something, eat lunch at hooters) and I fulfilled most of them. Eloy and I got lunch at Dune together and then he got me the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack on tape at the record store next door. He's also taking me to Palm Springs this weekend cause he's cute and cool.
My friends came over and showered me in snacks and stickers (and love and adoration).
Faye even made an amazing illustration of one of my favorite pictures of Vivian Girls.

The party was so special and fun because it was most of my favorite people in LA in one place, all listening to music and talking. I decided what I wanted to do on my birthday the day before, since I was so busy leading up to tour and then I was away for a week. It was actually perfect though, because it was basically unplanned, and those plans are always the best when they happen to work out.

A half hour before anyone was supposed to show up, I went to Party City to get some decorations. I couldn't decide between a holographic star/pastel pink and purple theme, or a rainbow theme, so I went with both. Only birthday bummer was that they were sold out of this amazing kawaii rainbow and cloud balloon.

 fun party pics to follow!

LVL UP // UPSET west coast stint '15

"never a chill moment" 
(Redding was cancelled. Let the unchill moment count begin...)