Wednesday, 5 August 2015

twenty nine years old

I turned 29 yesterday. I had a bunch of birthday wishes (buy myself mustard yellow rug from ikea, hold a baby, eat funfetti, have friends over, steal something, eat lunch at hooters) and I fulfilled most of them. Eloy and I got lunch at Dune together and then he got me the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack on tape at the record store next door. He's also taking me to Palm Springs this weekend cause he's cute and cool.
My friends came over and showered me in snacks and stickers (and love and adoration).
Faye even made an amazing illustration of one of my favorite pictures of Vivian Girls.

The party was so special and fun because it was most of my favorite people in LA in one place, all listening to music and talking. I decided what I wanted to do on my birthday the day before, since I was so busy leading up to tour and then I was away for a week. It was actually perfect though, because it was basically unplanned, and those plans are always the best when they happen to work out.

A half hour before anyone was supposed to show up, I went to Party City to get some decorations. I couldn't decide between a holographic star/pastel pink and purple theme, or a rainbow theme, so I went with both. Only birthday bummer was that they were sold out of this amazing kawaii rainbow and cloud balloon.

 fun party pics to follow!

 I got a golden Leo manicure in Seattle
(with orange toes)

I might've also gifted this to myself.

 I ran into Lauren and Alexa while fulfilling my rug wish.

 Farrelly Brothers soundtracks 4e (thnk u eloy)

 you better believe I celebrated in fake lashes


In my 29th year I'd like to...
- be more responsible with money
- tackle my to do lists in real time
- get into a skincare routine/wear SPF more often
- be nicer and more thoughtful to my loved ones
- be a great auntie ali
- be healthier in general (eating, exercise, mentally)
- write the next upset album
- tour more/tour europe
- keep taking improv classes and get better

P.S. I definitely did gift this to myself and it came in the mail today...

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