Wednesday, 23 March 2016

x darby forever x

A while back I wrote that I got to work on something really cool that I couldn't talk about.
That cool thing was Darby Forever.

Darby Forever is a short film written by Aidy Bryant who plays the titular character, Darby. Aidy reached out to me via email over the summer, told me about her idea, asked if I was available/willing to play a part, and sent me the script. It was so hilarious and beautifully written, I felt like I could see the exactly what Aidy had in mind. Obviously, I was thrilled to be a part of it, and got to play Bad Girl 2 alongside my longtime best friend/former bandmate, Katy Goodman, and real-life badass, Natasha Lyonne. A few days before shooting, Aidy came over to my house and she, Katy, and I wrote a song for the movie called "I'm a Bitch."

You can watch Darby Forever on Vimeo here: Darby Forever.

Click through for some ~behind the scenes pix~.