Sunday, 1 May 2016

my spring/summer 2016 wardrobe

I have sworn off shorts for a while. I couldn't get down. But for some reason recently I was like "What the fuck? I like my legs! I like being able to move around without worrying about my underwear showing!"
So I decided to give shorts another chance.

I'm going on tour with Jeff Rosenstock and my band, Upset in the last half of May, so I've been collecting new pieces of clothing for my "tour look". Usually I'm super drawn to bright colors, but lately I've been into more muted colors. My look for this spring/summer is retro camp/athletic; shorts with tube socks, ringer tees under denim jackets and army/navy button-ups (with all the badass Tuesday Bassen gear adorning those jackets), cherry nails and lips courtesy of MAC x Charlotte Olympia, bobby pins and barrettes to keep my growing hair out of my face, and my trusty Doc Marten Elphies for a nice touch of sturdy femininity.


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