Sunday, 1 May 2016

my spring/summer 2016 wardrobe

I have sworn off shorts for a while. I couldn't get down. But for some reason recently I was like "What the fuck? I like my legs! I like being able to move around without worrying about my underwear showing!"
So I decided to give shorts another chance.

I'm going on tour with Jeff Rosenstock and my band, Upset in the last half of May, so I've been collecting new pieces of clothing for my "tour look". Usually I'm super drawn to bright colors, but lately I've been into more muted colors. My look for this spring/summer is retro camp/athletic; shorts with tube socks, ringer tees under denim jackets and army/navy button-ups (with all the badass Tuesday Bassen gear adorning those jackets), cherry nails and lips courtesy of MAC x Charlotte Olympia, bobby pins and barrettes to keep my growing hair out of my face, and my trusty Doc Marten Elphies for a nice touch of sturdy femininity.


Click through for more pictures of my personal style lately.

I started working for Tuesday last month, so maybe I'm a little biased, but everything she makes has become an integral part of my wardrobe. I just feel like the aesthetic matches what I'm all about and what Upset is all about: tough, boss, sturdy, feminine.

strawberries and hearts = my lifetime look from toddler years to present day 

UNIF did a 50% off everything promo via instagram when they hit 1 million followers, 
so I snagged the Ditto Mary Janes while they were still in stock.

 Legs, meet daylight. Daylight, meet legs.

Oversized UNIF sweaters have also been in the mix. 
Really dying for the white/pastel Prism sweater to come back in stock...

One of the many perks of working for Tuesday is getting your hands on new items before anyone else! These Tuesday Bassen x Mowgli tube socks are da best.

proud owner of a blue satin Mixed Emotions jacket

 Katy modeling her new hair cut and Tuesday's Las Perras Locas tee

latest Upset press pic

I also snagged some pink Wild Gift sunglasses by Crap Eyewear, 
which match the pink lining of my satin jacket.

gold heart barrette from Forever 21

(aka helping Tuesday renovate our new office space, located in Chinatown next to Actual Size gallery. It looks way better now. Friend Mart store front coming soon to Mandarin Plaza!)

Last night at the Comedy Bang Bang tour kick off, 
right after the sink exploded water all over my shirt.

I'm waiting on a few vintage XL band tees from eBay too...

Gonna be looking so fly on stage this tour. If you're on the west coast, come check us out.
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  1. I've recently got back into shorts, too; they're so much more convenient than dresses if you want to be active. I like to wear tights underneath when it's colder, and I love oversized sweaters like the one you posted. I feel like you can make shorts work way into autumn if you pair them with the right stuff.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe