Thursday, 6 August 2015

doc martens + buried diamond

Ever since I got my Elphie docs, I've worn them almost daily. It's actually sorta ridiculous. I think at some point I should give my feet/shoes a break and find another similar pair of Doc Martens.
I've been browsing around similar styles, and these two are major contenders.



Recently, I got to wear a bunch of Buried Diamond jewelry for a top secret project
and it's killing me not to post photos, but I think these are allowed.

 I started obsessively looking at the Buried Diamond instagram and was so excited to learn she'd be doing a restock soon! I set an alarm and was totally ready to get some Buried Diamond for my own.

Well, I failed to follow the FAQs suggestion of using a computer, not a phone, and I totally watched everything sell out in an instant without being able to snag ANYTHING. Such a drag.
Next time there's a restock, you better BELIEVE I'm getting SOMETHING.

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