Wednesday, 5 August 2015

LVL UP // UPSET west coast stint '15

"never a chill moment" 
(Redding was cancelled. Let the unchill moment count begin...)



unchill moment no. 1: 100+ degrees in Seattle
we got there early to see our friends, and a lot of them were being
held hostage in a recording studio for two days

Robin gave me this great tarot read at the Redwood and 
grilled me a bomb ass burger.

we opened our t-shirt package from boltman

 LVL UP, night one together at Black Lodge

sneezing at spruce haus

the porch art at spruce

 backseat periscope makeup tutorial with patty

unchill moment no. 1.5: this girl walked in on me taking a mirror selfie and i tried to explain

unchill moment no. 2: driving through a pretty major forest fire

 smoke, not clouds or fog

 unchill moment no. 3: the temperature in general

unchill moment no. 4: the serpentine belt broke in the mountains of Oregon

unchill moments 5 and 6: no one ever was above a 10% charge the entire tour
and we had to get towed two hours south to Lauren's grandparents
(after I had already paid for a hotel in Chico, which is unchill moment no. 7)

 rare chill mome

 LVL UP at the Mayan Theater. I think this was an unchill moment for them.

 But punk shows fix everything.

(following pro pics by Maximilian Ho for L.A. Record)

Eloy and I went to Santa Ana for LVL UP's last show in SoCal at the Observatory 
and Dave wore his Upset t-shirt. :D

I've been fully obsessed with LVL UP for a few months now, and this tour took it to new levels.
Not only are their songs perfect, but each person in the band is lovely/unique/special/sweet/a delight. Band/Hoodwink'd review blog post coming soon.

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