Sunday, 6 April 2014

product review: Revlon Candy Vibes nail appliques

While in Kansas City, I stopped in a Walgreen's for some Advil.
What I spotted was something that spoke directly to my soul; candy-inspired designs on nail wraps.

I've been a fan of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects for quite some time now. I saw similar products start popping up on drugstore shelves, but I was so pleased with the designs and quality of the Sally Hansen appliques,
that I never even bothered to try another brand.

That is until I spotted Revlon's Candy Vibes 3D nail appliques.
They are roughly the same price as Salon Effects (around 10 dollars a pop) which seems excessive, but it's still cheaper than a manicure. (at least that's how I justify spending my money) And as it turns out I had 10 dollars of Walgreens credit, so I felt slightly less guilty buying them.

I decided on Rock Candy, Sherbert, and Frosting.
Now that I see how limited these things are, I wish I had bought their entire stock.
(KC residents, I suggest you snag the rest of the inventory from Walgreens on Broadway).

I decided to use Sherbert first.
It's a pastel ombre that fades from pink to green to blue with specks of silver glitter.

When all was said and done I decided...

pros: more adhesive than salon effects
        (think press on nails that actually stick)
        thicker than salon effects
        cooler designs than salon effects
        easier to remove than salon effects

cons: too hard to perforate the edges when the sticker is too wide for your nail

When I use the Sally Hansen nail wraps and the applique is too wide for my nail,  it's very easy
to remove the excess. Not the case with these things. They are thick and heavy duty.
Next time I'll make sure to have cuticle scissors to trim the excess.

4 days later however they still look pretty good. And having been at a festival getting
drunk and playing guitar all weekend, they really held up well.

P.S. I went back and bought the Pastel Marshmallow Swirl.

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