Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I own jellies for the first time in like, 20 years. My memories of jellies were that they looked cool, smelled weird, and felt TERRIBLE. I recall gnarly jellies-induced blisters sticking to sweaty summer bedsheets. I now realize my crucial error back then was not wearing socks with my jellies. Twenty years of unnecessary jellie scorn have finally been laid to rest, because this week I got my first pair of adult jellies. I went with the neon orange glitter. They are so cute, comfy, and versatile (and meant to be worn with socks.)


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  1. I bought a knockoff version by soda shoes and they broke after wearing them 3x. Not a huge loss because I got them for $10, but now I know I need to invest in these. They look super cute with frilly socks. :D