Sunday, 6 April 2014

midwest thrifting finds

I got back into thrift stores recently. For a while I was burnt out on all the searching with little reward (as well as the brutal prices in LA) but man, when you find something good nothing beats that feeling of triumph. With my free time in Kansas City I hit up every thrift store I could find and photographed some of the cool stuff I did and didn't buy.

I can't even express how disappointed I am in myself for not buying this puzzle.

 I got Eloy some Cali raisins.

 This carton of dyed Easter eggs brooch was the first thing I spotted in this thrift store.

 no room : (

 very interested in the prospect of wearing vintage hats

 I LOVE holiday decorations. When I have a bigger house one day I will start collecting vintage holiday decorations like these amazing lil bunnies.

I'm really into fruit prints as opposed to floral this spring, 
so this vintage strawberry print sundress was so necessary.

 My brother was born in '78 and I was Raggedy Ann in the school play in first grade,
so Happy Mother's Day mom!

 I mean, this brooch. Cmon.

 bunny mug gift for my friend.

 Mini carpet bag purse = my new everyday purse

 This potential infant death trap is worth it for how cool it looks. It's like the Rolls Royce of high chairs.

This obviously came home with me.

Considered purchasing. Decided against it.

 I texted this to Rachel. The H is pretty genius.

Regret not getting this for our bathroom.

I wish I had more disposable income. : /

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