Monday, 17 April 2017


I did some spring cleaning a.k.a. got tired of looking at my closet and decided to do a major purge. I own so many pieces of clothing that don't fit, aren't my style anymore, or I just never feel like wearing. Out with them! So I started listing everything I'm willing to part with on my new Depop shop (check it out here). There's also a link up above to the right ^

I have been drawn to a couple simpler looks lately and want to start rebuilding my closet with some new staples. I started by finally getting the Kristen dress I've been eyeing from Hello Holiday. Hello Holiday is an awesome online store and brick and mortar in Omaha run by a couple of lovely ladies.
You should really check them out.

This photo Sarah posted on Facebook is what sparked my fixation on this dress..

It has pockets. POCKETS! God, I love dresses with pockets.

springtime fresh

 As I clear out my closet, I'm going to eventually add a pair of hikers 
and some loose tops to go with my Uniqlo leggings pants. 
My preferred lipstick of the moment is Mac - Darling Clementine and my favorite nail polish right now is Odeme - Cuba Libre (pictured).  I also plan on nabbing a pair of the matte avocado & tortoise shell Crap sunglasses I've had my eyes on. I'm obsessed with the shape of their Wild Gift glasses. 
Plus, it doesn't hurt that the style is named after an X song.

beret bikers

Basically, all I feel like wearing at the moment is black, red, turtlenecks, berets, boots, and leather jackets.



But realistically, probably more like...

The other day, I put this look together from my closet. My mom said it was very Audrey Hepburn.
As someone who has always felt big and clumsy, I've never related to her waifish elegance.

the audrey

the audrey by alexandria-koehler featuring a cat crop top

I guess this is growing up.

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