Thursday, 20 March 2014

upset sw tour march 2014

(photo by Kyle A.)

tuesday march 11th
drive day - LA>phoenix - first day of tour
pros: listening to jenny slate on ymiw and patty laughing so hard she cried
cons: denny's closed at 9pm

wednesday march 12th
el paso, tx - epic el paso
pros: abandoned gas station, cool show with sweet fans and good bands 
cons: head cold, driving til 4 am and all motels in fort stockton being full

thursday march 13th
sxsw day 1 - texas jumpstart - sidebar
pros: tequila, potty mouth, getting to a sxsw comedy show and hanging with sean and andy
cons: tequila, head cold, almost running out of gas for the first time, missing diarrhea planet play with melissa etheridge because we were inside playing at the same time 

friday march 14th
sxsw day 2 - brooklyn vegan showcase - red 7
pros: friends watching us, getting to wear my new outfit from river island, free shit, watching OFF!, meeting up with marnie the dog and taking the most pictures during parquet courts
cons: none?

saturday march 15th
sxsw day 3 - converse/thrasher party - scoot inn
pros: meeting perfect pussy and co., shot-gunning beers with pp and co., hanging with diarrhea planet, seeing cassie, seeing dee dee of dum dum girls wearing a latex mini dress, burger records showcase
cons: losing a polaroid, getting too drunk, not getting to see speedy ortiz or tweens

sunday march 16th
dallas, tx - spillover mf - three links
pros: hanging out and talking to friends backstage, seeing obliterations, obliterations letting us borrow their gear, destroying a heckler who told me to take my shirt off, screaming the words to not just boys fun and meaning it
cons: running mega late to the show, realizing there's no backline while rushing to make our set time, guy telling me to take my shirt off, needing to jump the van after the show

monday march 17th
driving day - dallas>el paso 
pros: driving through west Texas at dusk while listening to mikal cronin, swanky hotel breakfast, six shots of espresso
cons: van battery officially dying, rachel having to throw away her juju e-joint before the border checkpoint

tuesday march 18th
phoenix, az - trunkspace
pros: stopping at steins ghost town, trunkspace photo booth, playing with and meeting dogbreth, erin is hilarious, dogbreth playing how long after i requested it 
cons: Worlds nastiest lunch, being repeatedly electrocuted by the mic, learning teeth can be electrocuted, staying at the world's grossest days inn instead of with dogbreth

wednesday march 19th
drive day - phoenix>LA
pros: getting home 
cons: almost running out of gas for the second time, dropping 2 gallons of water on the gas station floor

all in all, it ruled

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