Sunday, 16 November 2014

pixie pants

Everyone needs at least one pair of pixie pants from Old Navy. I got a pair last month and I've worn them almost daily. They're flattering, affordable, and come in every size, length, and color imaginable. I sized up, but they get really loose and baggy with one wear, so I'm going to try my normal size for my next pair. Old Navy is having an online sale til the 18th too, so if you want cheap pants for even cheaper, I suggest you get on that.
pixie pants

pixie pants by alexandria-koehler featuring skinny ankle jeans

Searches for them styled a "cool" way (i.e. not with a blazer) have been pretty fruitless. I've been wearing mine with Doc Martens or Mary Jane flats and a band tee. Sweater/leather jacket optional (if it ever decides to dip below 70 degrees again in LA.)

This girl styled the pixie pants well.

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