Sunday, 26 April 2015


We just got back from our full US Tour with Colleen Green. Here are some of my snaps...

Day one - March 30th 2015

Pub Rock in Scottsdale, AZ with Dogbreth

Breakfast in Phoenix

On our way to El Paso, we stopped by the Lisa Frank factory

Hollywood Bear <3

We stopped in this diner in the middle of nowhere, Texas

We started the tour with so much merch. We're almost out of nearly everything.

girl at Austin show with a cool tattoo

Hotel Vegas

On the way to Dallas, we stopped at an outdoor mall

Ft. Worth, TX

I Love Lucy diner art

being ignored in a Houston, TX Whataburger

Circle Bar in New Orleans, LA

Vertical House Records in Huntsville, AL

my mom and dad met up with us in New Orleans and came along until Atlanta, GA

Colleen at The Earl in Atlanta, GA

Nicole transcribed a message from Bea Schemel

Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD

Lucas and Miles in Baltimore

Frank at Bath House in Philadelphia, PA

Wherever Audio

Bath House - Philadelphia, PA

amazing light switch sitch

mugs of bath house

we crossed paths with touring friends

Charly Bliss at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, NY

Colleen Green at Shea Stadium

Garbageville - NY, NY

Long drive to Pittsburgh, PA

Our first girl from School of Doodle came to photograph us

Peyton's dog in Cincinnati, OH

promotional thrift shop gems in Cincy

Cincinnati street

sunny window wasp

colleen outside the thrift shop

surprise visit from Casey

Skyline sans chili

the Weissbuch household of many Boston Terriers

bar mitzvah Casey - then and now

collage by Sky from School of Doodle
Thanks Shy!

LA Tans in Chicago, IL

Chicago street sunset

Bacon Grilled Cheese in Milwaukee

re-up on Upset pins

stoney mcgees

Mousehouse in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells

Minneapolis meal

ily abbi and ilana

pig dick

cafe sign outside milwaukee

Lakers monster marquis

We listened to hours of Call Chelsea Peretti

We played a show at a Fargo, ND skatepark

think they serve too much tuna?


rachel's eyes were bigger than her tummy

driving from Fargo to Missoula, MT

Missoula, MT backyard

spring has sprung

three legged dog in Moscow, ID

4/20 in Seattle

Lelah's bedroom at Spruce Haus

Benny and Rachel at Spruce Haus

~every day is a winding road~

4/20 in Robin's room

stopped in a book shop before AmbTamb was there

make a wish

another School of Doodle interview

celebrating their favorite holiday

Patty and Benny

Isabel's Room

Pano gone wrong

Benny loves 1D

selfie stick across America

pensive at Stumptown in Seattle


for that perfect juggalo rasta tan

before Rosie attacked


posing in the Redwoods

hear no evil

legend of b-foot

heading into SF

"nahhh za-WINE-yaaa"

I fixed the LVL UP graffiti at Rickshaw Stop

Adam Pfahler, official Upset drum tech

Patty's midnight birthday snack



Blake Schwarzenbach's JCM 800

spiderweb in Palo Alto

batting cages in Santa Barbara with Eloy

Happy Birthday Patty and Rodi!

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