Sunday, 13 September 2015

things i'd buy if i weren't trying to be a responsible adult

Since I turned 29 I've felt a stronger desire to take care of my health and finances.
I got myself a agenda (which I am OBSESSED WITH), and cute stickers, pens, and post it notes to make my organization look good.

Naturally, I will never stop wanting to buy every little cute thing I see, but until I win the lottery (or just get a "real" job/stop chasing dreams), it will have to suffice to just look at cute, pretty, shiny things online. So instead of surfing the web and pining over all the stuff I can't afford, I will show them to you and we can commiserate about wanting all the things.

Here are my latest wants and wishes...

things i'd buy if money were no object

things i'd buy if money were no object by alexandria-koehler featuring a tufted bench

- dear creatures poppy dress
- so many dream collective rings
- rose gold manicure
- tuesday bassen pins and patterns
- MAC steady going retro matte lipstick
- dr. marten siano pumps
- red orange storage ottoman
- halloween stickers and washi tape
- flight to the east coast in December to see 
all of the east coast Get Up Kids tour dates

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