Sunday, 3 January 2016

polaroid baby

snaps of my time with my newest favorite human, archer (and old favorites, heather and guy)

 nursing mama

 first family photo

first moments inside their home as a family

our family lives to make each other 'happy cry'

baby's first polaroid portrait

 new fam

Heather and Mom

 me, Guy, Carly, and Terra

Christmas selfies

 baby's first Christmas tree

baby's first sunset stroll

Aunt Brittany and Uncle Mike

Aunt Stacey and little Leify

(Leif took an accidental selfie)

The good thing about being an aunt and fairy godmother is that you get to love a baby and also play drinking games guilt free (and rub chocolate on your teeth before a picture)

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  1. Oh wow, such cute photographs. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I also got blessed with a baby boy last year. His 1st birthday is coming soon and we are thinking to host a grand party at one of best party venues in LA. Can you suggest any good party spots as we are new to LA?