Thursday, 11 February 2016

vegas goth

You know how I said I just watched AHS Coven in my last post? That's because my dear friends Erin and Sean forced me to. We are going to Las Vegas together this weekend. I told Erin I just wanna dress like a witch while I'm there, and she said she did too. I told her I got a sequin dress, and then she coined the term "vegas goth" as in, "Let's dress like vegas goths." So this weekend, that is exactly what we'll do. Here's a style board inspired by our desired looks...

vegas goth

vegas goth by alexandria-koehler featuring plus size dresses

Vegas Goth is like regular goth, but with some sequins and cool toned colors added in. 
Like a witch, but with a little more glitz and glam.

EDIT: Pics from Vegas!

As you can see, the goth aesthetic in juxtaposition to Las Vegas is comical.

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