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ali and eloy do the damn thing

The planning of this wedding took up a lot of my 2016, and I didn't want to give too much away before the big day, so brace yourselves for multiple posts.

We had a wedding hashtag (#aliandeloy) and a selfie station that all yielded a bunch of great photos (which you can see here), but I wanted to present our wedding through the eyes of my friend and wedding photographer, Cheryl Groff. She captured the feeling of each moment perfectly. 
You can find more work by her and hire her at

my beloved vintage opal engagement ring

my something new and dream shoes

These shoes were my DREAM WEDDING SHOES, but I couldn't justify the high price.
 I was so happy when I walked into the Kate Spade store and they were offering 25% off all purchases. They're also on super sale now if anyone else wants to own the world's most perfect shoes.
They only have them left in a 6.5 : /

I rented an airbnb in our neighborhood for the weekend in case we needed an extra home base (and so that Eloy and I could have a special place to go the night of the wedding).

Once upon a time, when Best Coast filmed the video for Boyfriend, this girl Jenna did our makeup.
It was the first time someone else did my makeup and I thought "huh, that's what I would have done, just better." So she was the only one I trusted to do my wedding makeup.

I also treated Mom to some hair and makeup. I love these photos Cheryl took of her.
She hates having her picture taken and can never act naturally in front of a camera. 
I guess it helps that she didn't have her glasses on and probably didn't notice Cheryl snapping pics.

I know it's taboo to have the bride and groom stay in the same place the night before a weding, (nevermind get ready together), but Eloy and I have been sleeping together and getting ready together for 6 years in the same house. Get real.

(I made him take a photo with the Howard Stern tie)

Once Eloy was ready we sent him outside while I put on my dress. Fun fact: my mom's hands were too arthritic to help me get in the dress and to put my jewelry on, so Cheryl had to put the camera down and do it, then stage the photos afterwards.

I love being the center of attention, but Eloy was dreading the idea of having to say vows in front of a bunch of people, so we agreed to write each other letters to read before the big reveal.

the first look!

Then we headed to the venue to take some pics together while there was still sunlight (since we planned to have our ceremony during sunset then party immediately).

Madeline, ringbearer/comic relief

micromanaging and last minute tweaking before guests started arriving

Funny story about these guys above here. I bought them on etsy as a vintage cake topper. I failed to notice that they measure about an inch high, so I hot glued them to the lid of a jar and filled it with fairy lights to spruce up the welcome table.

I saw this marbled paper in my favorite stationary store - Paper Source. It had all of our wedding colors! It was so beautiful, I had to buy it. It was expensive though, so I bought a few sheets for small tables. Then I sourced out some cheaper, digitally printed marble paper to use as table runners and tie it all together.

flowers by our friends Meg and Matt, gold marble table runners by Mulberry Paper

Meri Meri YAY! candles

I was told it didn't make sense to have candles to blow out on a wedding cake, but like, why not?
These Meri Meri candles were a very exciting purchase for me, and fit my color scheme. Plus, the cake had decor on the top, so there was nowhere to even put a topper.

(no room for the cake topper didn't stop me from purchasing one and making it a cake bottomer)

gold, pink, marble, lights, hooray!

Some of my oldest friends came to help me work out how to 
bustle my dress and put on my veil.

incredible women and my best friends since childhood and adolescence

my something borrowed (the veil is from an old family friend) 
and my something blue (from ASOS)

Eloy and his beautiful mama, my mother-in-law, Sonia

my something old

 A few days before the wedding, my dad gave me this silver coin from my great grandpa's personal collection. It is in mint condition from 1886, one hundred years before I was born.

showing off my glittery gold nails

Jacki & Megan

I started to feel less stressed once we were at the venue and I had some prosecco

Time to get married!

Bea, flower girl

The night before the wedding, Bea came by to rehearse and help set up with her mamas and everyone. She helped me put together champagne flutes and told me she really liked my color palette.

Madeline danced out to Chacarron in a top hat and tails.

Tuesday painted a sign for my cousin Maddy to hold before the big reveal...

Maddy, pre-cursor to my entrance!


papel picado from amol's

an uncoordinated ring trade-off

Eloy and my new siblings and mother-in-law

LA Family/Grandstand office crew

After the ceremony, we had our friends' cover band, Good Call, play a set.
They played all the hits -
Goo Goo Dolls - Slide
Cranberries - Linger
The Cardigans - Lovefool
Sugar Ray - Every Morning
Smash Mouth - All Star
Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life
Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
Smashing Pumpkins - Today

they coordinated their outfits to our wedding colors like goddamn pros

facetiming with Ryann, from whom I borrowed one of my two veils

doing the macarena

Leigh & Kenzie

first dance as husband and wife

dance with mom to Whole Wide World

Dad and I did something a little different. I made him pick what we danced to. He had the idea to start our dance to the Mills Brothers - Daddy's Little Girl and then transition into Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus, because that song reminds him of me. So Eloy helped make the mashup track and we started out slow dancing and then went crazy.

giving a classic Lou speech

giving a classic Lauren speech


Our cake was from Porto. The bottom layer was a cuban coffee cake, the middle was guava cheese, and the top was double chocolate.

Kelly is next in line I suppose

One of the biggest surprises was that our friends and family made us a parody video of the Kris Jenner - I Love My Friends video.

You can watch the whole thing here: I Love My Friends

like mother, like daughter

jenny <3

wedding squad

man of the hour - jake fogelnest




my brother <3

Did you know you can just make a backdrop out of crepe paper and put a camera on a tripod in front of it and call it a "Selfie Station" instead of paying for a "Photo Booth" and then you'll still get really fun pictures like these?

I twirled into a second dress (ASOS)

best dance moves of the night right here

my bestie and wedding coordinator, without whom i could not have done it

mom looking happy and beautiful, just like the entire day

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