Saturday, 1 February 2014

video killed the radio star: paramore - ain't it fun

Paramore's new music video for Ain't It Fun premiered this week. I LOVE Paramore. Their music is so energetic and positive and their aesthetic is super fun. Even though she's younger than me, Hayley makes me feel the way 
Gwen Stefani did when I was 10; empowered, inspired, and maybe just a little bit googly-eyed 
(wink wink, it'll make sense once you watch the video). As expected, Hayley brings it on the fashion front. 
I put together some looks inspired by her various looks in the video.

Look 1

paramore look 1

Um, can we also talk about how fucking fit Hayley looks now? She could prob kick my ass.

Look 2
paramore look 2

Look 3
paramore look 3

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