Wednesday, 3 September 2014

VMAS 2k14 aka The Day I Fell in Love w/ Charli XCX

I love the VMAs. It's probably the most fun awards show re: style and antics. This year fell a little flat on both fronts except for this...


fucking this...

and this…

And this…
(Pardon the annoying lack of centering. I can't seem to crack that code. It looks best in HD Fullscreen anyway.)

My only knowledge of Charli XCX prior to this was I Love It, Fancy, and that a lot of my friends respect her, otherwise I sort of didn't care. But everything about this performance from her female band to the yellow lettering behind her, completely drew me in. I just got tickets to see her at the end of October and I will spend the rest of this month memorizing every bit of her music.

Her look was very Cher Horowitz. 90s throwback seems to be Charli's MO, and I was worried I would have grown tired of that by now, but that might not be humanly possible. The decade is just too near and dear to me.

I love the all white look. I feel like every band wears all black, and I find it a bit boring. Charli's aesthetic is refreshing and fun. The walls of white Orange amps are a good touch.

Thank god for female backing bands. It's so disappointing when powerful, inspirational women are backed by male studio dinosaurs. I refuse to believe there is a shortage of crazy talented female musicians for hire. Also their Fiorucci reminiscent Charli's Angel shirts are perfect. I wanted one of those shirts so bad in the 7th grade cause I think I saw Larissa Oleynik wear one, but my mom shopped strictly at Marshall's and I failed to find one there.

Even her rehearsal looked flawless.

Her style game was on point all night.  Red carpet Charli was in Moschino with a Vivienne Westwood clutch in one hand and Jeremy Scott in the other. She also sorta made me want extensions for the first time in my life.

During the show she wore an amazing peach (hopefully) faux fur coat, peach sunnies (why did I just call them sunnies?) and a mini skirt and top in lime green while she posed with other young stars.

Pre-show House of Holland pants with the moon man.
I wanna pull a Freaky Friday/Wish Upon a Star body switch with her.

Oh, and I pre-ordered this on iTunes.
cuz I'm a #TWEEN

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