Monday, 1 September 2014

fit fashion

All summer I've been at the public pool near my house with the girl I take care of. She recently started making more use of the deep end and becoming a more independent swimmer overall, so I've been using this new freedom to swim laps while she entertains herself for a few minutes at a time. It feels great. I used to take lessons and race on my town's swim team as a kid, but I had no idea how incredible of a workout it is. Plus, it's fun! So I'm taking up lap swimming as a hobby/form of exercise.

I thought it would be nearly impossible to look remotely fashionable in a swim cap and goggles. As a kid I always felt like a weird, bald bug, but swim fitness fashion has come a long way since my days on Dover Red. In honor of Labor Day (and an incredible Labor Day sale on the Speedo website) I present to you some surprisingly fashionable gear. I can't wait for my new suit, cap and goggles arrive in the mail.

And of course, an obnoxiously vibrant racerback suit with a boy short cut, because my vintage swimsuits and Forever 21+ one pieces won't cut it for lap swims.

Some other cute things I saw while browsing are new "vintage" swim caps. They look really chic, but probably aren't very functional while doing flip turns.

If the racerback doesn't work out, this cut seems flattering...

 And alas, two more quirky caps, brought to you by Sporti, cause I'm attention hungry and need to stand out even while getting my cardio on.

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