Sunday, 24 August 2014

my new year

Having an August birthday, Fall feels like more of a new year to me than January 1st. It could be the whole idea of "back to school" season that's been beaten over my head since birth, but I find myself more inspired to improve myself, change things I don't like, and set and accomplish new goals starting in September. As August comes to a close, I am antsy to redefine my look, and just be a little better and healthier over all.

This typically starts with a change to my hair cut/color. I can't decide if I want a choppier bob, or to grow my hair out long. I do know that I want a rich, amber yellow hair color.  I ordered some Pravana Vivids - Yellow on Amazon, which should be coming this week. I'm also very interested in the styling my hair using velcro rollers and rag curls per these video tutorials...

fall makeup 2014

I realize I'm a little late to this game, but I'm really into the way bright/neon eyeliner looks. I went out looking for the right shades today at Sephora and MAC, but I came home empty-handed. After some research, it seems getting a mixer, brightly pigmented eyeshadow, and a brush is the way to go. My typical makeup is a black cat eye and bold lip. I'd like to switch it up sometimes with a bold eye and neutral lip. Acquiring more MAC matte lipsticks, Stila foil eyeshadow, and trying a more exaggerated cat eye are all on the to do list as well.

As for nails colors, I'm feeling copper, pea green, powder blue and dusty rose.

fall nails

I'll continue to combine vintage dresses and sweaters, skater skirts, midi skirts, and crop tops, with the addition of ivory ribbed tights, handmade powder blue leather t-strap heels (which should arrive in the mail soon), a faux fur coat and button front, knee-length skirts. I want to delve into handmade clothing and custom tailoring. Maybe I'll start personalizing my clothing with some embroidery.
fall wardrobe

fall wardrobe by alexandria-koehler featuring a black skirt

I super love these hand painted dresses by Girl Friday. It's a clothing brand outta Kansas City that I just learned about. How amazing are these prints?!

Along with the aesthetic changes, I need to start up some sort of fitness routine. Hiking, jogging, swimming laps, and/or water aerobics at my community pool in the mornings would be ideal. In addition to this metaphorical cleaning of my house, I also need to get a good fall cleaning done on my actual house. 'Tis almost the season for so much decorating, and decorations don't look great in dusty corners. I have a handful of doctor appointments I need to make as well, but all of this stuff is painfully boring and doesn't make pretty style boards!

I guess this post was more for me, but hopefully I've inspired some of you to get on some fall "cleaning" of your own.

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