Wednesday, 4 February 2015

fit girl: prizes

My cousin convinced me to try out a plan of eating and exercise, known as "Fit Girl's Guide," at the beginning of January. Everything in the guide is all hashtag this, cutesy vintage photo of slim women that. Their "brand" is pretty obnoxious, however we totally drank the (sugar free) Kool Aid and I gotta say, I started to have more energy and I shrunk a bit. I'm not gonna share my "progress" here (cause honestly who gives a fuck besides me, my cousin, and my mom) but what I WILL share with my blog readers is the sweet prizes I got myself as I went along. Fit Girl's Guide encourages you to give yourself a non food-related reward (because "we are not dogs") at the end of each week of the challenge. It gave me something to look forward to and feel good about as I went along.


Week 1: I got myself the newest edition of Just Dance. Whenever I am trying to get into routine exercise, Just Dance helps make cardio fun. This one started out a bit glitchy, and sometimes it still freezes, but the song selection and dances are so good. Fav dances = Icona Pop - I Love It, Maroon 5 - Maps, Ariana Grande - Break Free

Week 2: I had a knot in my upper middle back from the sudden onslaught of physical activity, so I got myself a cheap 30 minute back massage at a massage parlor down the street from me. They looked totally sketchy on the outside but their Yelp reviews were great. I guess it's kinda hard for massage parlors not to look sketchy.

Week 3: I got sick of my unevenly bleached hair/roots and "wacky" colors are too annoying to maintain, so I contacted my friend Lauren at Stag Parlor on Melrose. I showed her my 6th grade yearbook picture, and told her to give me my golden blonde again.

Week 4: Tatty Devine had their end of season sale and I managed to snag an amber Kaleidoscope necklace for £15 (orig. £50!). It's so pretty and my cousin is so jealous.

Heather and I are gearing up for round 2 on Feb. 9th. It's actually kinda fun?

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