Tuesday, 1 December 2015

target christmas brights

Ok, anyone who knows me knows I love holiday decorations. It's my thing. From September through Spring I get WAY into it, and then Summer it's mostly just 4th of July and my birthday (4th of August), but I still make an effort. Basically when stores change over seasons I go ape shit.
I think I've painted enough of a picture -

This year, Target is killing the holiday home decor game. They have an entire line of silver decorations, gold decorations, and (obviously my favorite)


 bottle brush trees in a variety of colors! (there are teal ones, but I bought them)

 felt garland! mini bottlebrush trees! wine sweaters! joy!

mercury glass votive holders!

 i need to drink peppermint mocha while wrapped in that teal throw and leaning on that reindeer pillow

if i don't have this advent calendar, i'll die

I walked away with a large yellow bottlebrush tree, a medium teal bottlebrush tree, and an unpictured snowflake cross stitch pillow from this collection.


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