Saturday, 11 January 2014


  Hello world! I kept putting off blogging because it seems so overwhelming. There are so many things about me that you don't know! There are so many songs I like and makeup I bought and I want you all to know about it now now NOW. However, I guess the present is as good a time as any to just...start. With that, here is my very first her name is ali blog post..

I got this skirt from ASOS in the mail last week and I am finding so many different ways to wear it. 

The first night out in this orangey faux leather number, I wore it with my Frances Ha jacket from River Island. Eloy gave it to me for Christmas. It's exactly what I wanted.

// Jacket: River Island (similar) // Sweater: ASOS // 
// Necklace: Tatty Devine // Skirt: ASOS // 
// Tights: Marshall's // Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens //

Did you see Frances Ha? This jacket is like a cleaner, more tailored version of 
the one Greta Gerwig wore throughout the movie. 
P.S. Greta, if you're out there, let's be bffs.

I wore the skirt again for the first Church at the Church on York show. It's a brand new comedy/music variety show at the up and coming Church on York, hosted by my friends Sean O'Connor, Beth Stelling, Julian McCullough, and Brent Sullivan. My band, Upset, played and besides the hosts, Jenny Slate, Anthony Jeselnik, and Kumail Nanjiani performed.


// Lipstick: MAC Dangerous // Top: Lazy Oaf //
// Jacket: Levi's // Brooch: Etsy // Skirt: ASOS //
// Tights: Kohl's // Shoes: ASOS //

The show got a nice little write up here. Check it out!
And if you wanna listen to my band, Upset, check us out here.

Ok, time to go watch some more Dance Moms.


xo<3 Ali

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