Sunday, 26 January 2014

pre grammy game

Last night Eloy and I went to 4AD's pre-Grammy party for The National. The party was held in the Soho House in West Hollywood. It had all the makings for major social anxiety, but it wound up being really fun. I actually knew a handful of people there, and there was an open bar, so that didn't hurt. After my third champagne, I noticed Grimes standing by the bar and decided to go tell her I really admire and respect her. She was very gracious and complimented me on my hair (I guess my insane roots don't look too bad).
Sometimes you just gotta nerd out on people you look up to.

I had no idea what to wear, so I did what I always do when I need fashion advice; 

Here are some photos from the back and forth:

Dress: River Island
Coat: vintage
Shoes: Karen Scott

We landed on my cream lace victorian style dress from River Island, nude peep toe Karen Scott t-strap heels, and my hot pink velvet coat that I actually got from Re/Dress when they were in NYC. 
It just so happens that Erin now works at Re/Dress, which has since relocated to Cleveland, OH. 
She just posted the Spring 2014 lookbook they shot. You can see it here.

We agreed I needed some sort of jewelry, but the neckline of this dress is pretty busy, and I don't do earrings,
nor do I have much of a bracelet collection. Fortunately, I remembered I have this long
Tatty Devine Honesty Seed Pod necklace from AW11.

I nearly forgot to take any pictures, until I noticed this awesome screen while we waited for our car at valet 
and coerced Eloy into snapping a couple of quick shots.

The only other picture from the night is of this floral/vaginal wallpaper in the ladies room.

Can't wait for the show tonight! Good luck to The National!

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