Saturday, 26 July 2014

birthday list

My birthday is coming up on August 4th, so I decided to make a hypothetical birthday list like the ones I'd make as a kid (only way more expensive.)

1.)  hot pink Lisa Frank studded vest

2.) Moon phase bed runner

3.) Girl faces dress

4.) Tatty Devine Large brown tortoiseshell glasses necklace
5.) Lazy Oaf 'Let's Make Out' shirt

6.) Lazy Oaf Tuesday cropped shirt

7.) Emoji stickers

8.) Jeffrey Campbell heart platforms

9.) Tatty Devine pink poodle necklace

10.) Happy Meal party dress

11.) Miss Piggy party dress

12.) Garden Gnome high heels

13.) Charles Burns embroidered cyclops head

14.) handmade marianne leather t-bar heels in soft hologram

15.) Lazy Oaf cosmos dress
sold out: I am devastated I snoozed on this.

16.) Vandor rainbow cloud teapot

17.) weather pattern sweater

18.) tickets for Paramore on the Monumentour

19.) Monumentour merch

20.) Wildfox Luna shades

 21.) Wildfox Lobster Lenon sweater

 22.) UNIF Blotter Kimono

 23.) Wildfox Rainbow sweater in mint

 24.) UNIF Stay Fly Kimono

25.) Wildfox Watermelon sweater

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