Sunday, 13 July 2014

fruit grunge

While I was looking for a background for this blog I came across a term that was new to me: soft grunge. It was a suggested Google image search for tumblr backgrounds. I perused the various soft grunge images. There were dreamy stills of light refracted through water, melting smiley faces, pastel tie dye and other muted versions of co-opted 90s nostalgia. I found a Wikipedia page devoted to the genre, and learned more about tumblr genres. I had no idea that seapunk was born out of tumblr. To my knowledge, fashion always came out of music, not blog culture. I guess this is what it feels like to get older.

I started to joke about how my friend Rachel and I were "accidentally soft grunge." While my band, Upset, were touring Australia we taught White Lung about soft grunge and pastel goth and spent the tour pointing out things that fit the bill.

At the airport in Auckland, Rachel opened her computer which has a background of fruit miniatures. Patty looked over Rachel's shoulder and said "God, you and Ali are the same person," and I said "Yea, duh, we're soft grunge." Patty then said the most genius thing ever and coined a new tumblr genre:

She said "You guys aren't soft grunge, you're like, fruit grunge."

It made perfect sense.

We started naming things that would fit the "fruit grunge" mold. Here's a fruit grunge style board for you. Maybe you're accidentally fruit grunge?

fruit grunge

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