Saturday, 12 July 2014

video killed the radio star: veruca salt - number one blind

Not only is this my favorite song off of American Thighs, but everything about the styling in this video is perfect. It reads like a Veruca Salt - American Thighs mood board; the falling leaves, faux fur jackets, virginal white clothing motif, sun, moon, stars, stalagmites and stalactites.

Here are my favorite stills from this video and some style boards recreating Nina and Louise's impeccable styles.

Louise Post
louise post

louise post by alexandria-koehler featuring a leaf pendant

Nina Gordon
nina gordon

The video opens with a shot of a typical LA house and pans in as leaves fall.

Nina counts sheep in brown lipstick and a diamond bracelet.

The girls drive at sunset.

A very Beetlejuice-esque miniature shot of a car winding through hills.

Rabbits hop through colorful leaves as Nina and Louise walk together.

Louise killin' it in a faux leopard coat.

 Jim Shapiro drums in front of a starry backdrop.

Next, Louise and Nina run on a stormy beach with dogs.

I spy the heart dress from the American Thighs album cover.

Steve Lack in baggy, white pajamas

Live shots amidst stalagmites and stalactites

And finally, the video ends with leaves falling over a background of 
Veruca Salt playing in the cave setting.

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