Saturday, 12 July 2014

your schtick sucks: why cheeky was the best

You might be familiar with the bands Big Eyes, Aye Nako, and the Babies, but have you heard Cheeky?

Cheeky were one of the most important bands I had the privilege to see in various basements and punk houses in NY and NJ from 2007-2009.

Cheeky first came onto my radar when my friend Sarah had a song called Bad Mood on her Myspace profile (that really dates the short existence of this band). The song starts "I'm in a bad mood and I just woke up this way." I loved it instantly. The vocals were androgynous, the guitar was more skilled than most local bands, and the drumming was impeccable. Cheeky were the toughest band I'd ever heard, and 3/4 happened to be girls.

Also, their name. Cheeky is the most genius name for a band that plays fuck you songs like Grow Fins, Turkey and Get Outta Here.

When you saw Cheeky live, you felt like you were seeing something really special. Not only were their songs are all perfect, but each member of the band brought something important to the table. They were the kind of band where you wanted to know everyone's first and last names and follow anything they did or made. If there were Tiger Beat posters for each of them with fun facts and stats, I would've had them. I had to resort to hanging these polaroids in my bedroom in a line with 'CHEEKY' written in the margins.

Kate Eldridge

Angie Boylan

Kate Wadkins

Brian Schleyer

After their debut, Choke on a Cheeseburger, they released a number of songs on different 7"s.
My knowledge of the timeline of their releases is foggy, but I do know they had a substantial followup release to Choke on a Cheeseburger called What the Heck. Part 1: Is this Normal? into Part 2: This is not Normal! is stuck in my head more often than not.

Following their dissolution, Kate Eldridge started Big Eyes, Brian started the short lived (but almost equally amazing) Big Soda with Kyle Gilbride (who went on to form Swearin') until he joined the Babies, Angie drummed in a number of bands, but drums primarily in Aye Nako now, and Kate Wadkins pursued higher education and a writing career. Check her out here: Wisdom Tooth

For all things Cheeky, I've provided you with a slew of links that I STRONGLY urge you to click on. It would be impossible for you to be disappointed. Watch every video and read every lyric. It won't compare to how it felt to see them in person, but it is a lucky glimpse into an unfortunately short lived, yet epic band.

Myspace: the portal through which I was introduced to Cheeky
If You Make It: this site has some great videos of Cheeky live as well as a Cheeky Pink Couch Session
Choke on a Cheeseburger: you can download Choke on a Cheeseburger here. There is a suggested donation of 3 dollars, but really it's worth much, much more. there are a handful of photos here

P.S. Cheeky covered Slingshot Dakota and it's better than the original.*

*my humble opinion

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